Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last seven days...

Believe it or not..., I only took three non-shop related Instagram pics this past week. It's probably a sign that I am pretty absorbed by our day-to-day happenings... AND my iPhone is broken so I am unconsciously picking my phone camera less and less these days. 

A family of four is really like a production and we are still figuring out our weekly schedule... Who takes what role, who is cooking which meal... and who puts whom to sleep?? 

Now that our studio / shop is in a pretty good condition, I want to make sure that I work hard AND rest even harder... to make sure that I have enough energy to fulfill all my roles and responsibilities I take... most importantly as a mother of two. 

At the end... I feel that it's simply not good enough to succeed in business... if our life is empty.


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