Friday, December 6, 2013

Making everyday special with little something from The (other) Kennedy Compound!

Lately I have missed this blog space tremendously... feeling that I simply don't have enough time in my day to write special things that are happening in our life and shop to share.

So I decided that I would do my best to write at least one post when I get in my studio/shop. First thing in the morning before I get really busy with fulfillment and shipping... It might be a short post but nonetheless a post to share!

My first morning post goes to our beloved friend in Michigan, Susan Kennedy of The (other) Kennedy Compound and her small batch creations! She started her new adventure few months ago to create and share artisanal goodies that are inspired by her family recipes. They are little treats that can make any plate so much more special... you know things like delicious jams and sauces:) And they come beautifully packaged in German Weck Jars so the containers can be used and reused long after the treats are gone.

I had an honor to try her Cranberry/cherry sauce and bacon jam... and I loved them both!! When I am at home, I am pretty handful with my girls and I usually don't have a lot of time (or extra hands) preparing the restaurant quality lunch. It's more like get left over something or a piece of bread from refrigerator, make sure to feed Roo enough food while making sure Coco doesn't start crying hysterically... and find some space to fill my appetite. It's not always pretty but it's a reality...

So when I had Susan's bacon jam and cranberry sauce in our hands, I really appreciated that it gave me an instant upgrade for my plates. It's the little something that makes a big difference, right?

I am excited that she will be making her appearance at a local venue in Ann Arbor as her pop-up tonight (event link here)! You can follow her adventure on her blog or her Facebook page. The little birdie told me that she is taking an order for holiday this week and next! As you can imagine, I have already made my order:)

We shared her goodies at our workshop and scroll down our post and you can see how it comes packaged! xoxo


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