Thursday, December 5, 2013

Magic in holiday rituals...

We are pretty busy here at Baum-kuchen household... between getting ready for Remodelista Holiday Market this Saturday in LA and next Saturday in SF, fulfilling and shipping all the orders as promptly as possible, and finishing up the production of our long-waiting Napkin Sketchbook (more to come about this soon...)

Especially because my schedule and to-do list are quite full, I am trying extra hard to find focus to make sure that we don't take this special holiday season for granted as a family. We are so lucky to receive another special advent calendar from Heidi (my mother-in-law in Germany). Every night we look for a bag for next day and every morning we wake up looking forward to discovering what's inside. We decorated our Christmas tree little earlier this year with an anticipation of busy weekends in December. I love watching our heirloom (analogue) train from Frido's grandfather go around the tree every night as a part of Roo's bedtime ritual... and when her friends visit our house.

Holiday season is a lot to tackle... with gifts, decorating, parties, etc. etc

But I am glad to find so much magic in small holiday rituals we get to enjoy everyday throughout December. That's what it is all about, right?

I hope you are enjoying your December days!




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