Friday, December 27, 2013

Wrapping up 2013... the year of "expansion".

At the beginning of each year we pick a verb that projects our hopes and dreams for the year. At the beginning of this year... we picked the word "expand".  We knew we were expecting our sweet baby #2... and the word felt veery fitting. Well... 2013 has been truly the year of expansion for us... not only in the number of littles ones we hold in our arms but so much more.

The year really has expanded my heart to nurture as much as my patience (comes with ups and downs of parenting...). It has also really stretched my comfort zone, allowed to reach for what I am capable of... as well as tested my limitation in resources (time, sleep, strength... and yeah... patience).

In Summer we completely closed Baum-kuchen for little more than a month (first time in three years!!) to welcome Coco into our world.... then kind of surprised everyone by opening a shop/studio in September... We were little surprised too but it was a part of our "dynamic prototyping" for Baum-kuchen and we are so thrilled to see how it might evolve in 2014. I am happy that we are designing and making more and I got to really collaborate with Frido, my amazing German other half.

Everyday I am so happy to watch our girls grow to be whom they become. No... our home is not perfect all the time... there have been tantrums (terrible three?), melt downs, crying from multiple directions at the same time... and a struggle for everyone in the family to grown into new roles. At the same time, the bond of sisterhood has been beautiful to witness. My girls are my two sunshines... and I am thankful for them to let me be their mother.

This year... I do have a lot of things I wish to have done differently... but then I am grateful for the amazing opportunity I have gained... to grow and expand myself as a person... as a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter... and Baum-kuchen's shop & brand curator.

If you would like, scroll down to see some of my favorite personal moments from the year in a chronological order.

Thank YOU so much for always being there and sending warm thoughts towards our way. We are grateful to have you in our lives through our adventures... and yes... you can expect more to come from our way in 2014!




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