Sunday, June 22, 2014

A day off...

Today... we had a day with no external commitment to start. It started early since Coco woke up at 6am... (and went back to sleep at 7am for another hour). We slowly got ready when everyone woke up and headed to a local bakery... and had a spontaneous breakfast with our friends who happened to be there right before us.

Followed by a brief shopping at Michaels to get some craft supplies for Satchi, a morning nap (for me and Coco) and whole a lot of play time in our backyard which felt like a brand new space after we got a used play structure for Satchi's birthday.

Frido and Satchi worked together to make signs for her play structure. We named it "Baum-haus" as a word play for Baum-kuchen as well as Bauhaus. It means "tree house" in German and it's Satchi's multi-story shop / tree house where she sometimes sells pizza and ice cream made of sand. Day was long... and we maximized our patio by removing all the furniture... which made the space to be bit like an extension of the house. As we ate a leisurely dinner, both girls kept going in and out... eating few bites then playing little bit outside. We usually like to sit through the meal as a principle of a table manner... but sometimes exception is totally acceptable:)

I focused on taking a day off... to rest and regroup both physically and emotionally... since I am making a lot of small changes at Baum-kuchen and they are making a bit of ripples in my work flow. Change is awesome but it is definitely an adjustment and adjustment requires energy to get through.

I am excited to get the fresh new week started!


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