Saturday, June 28, 2014

Staying flexible... nurturing creative transformation and empowering her power to change.

The other day... we had a morning of downtime. These downtimes are so precious... and often a new seed of play idea seems to birth during these times when we are not constantly rushed to get to the next place.

Satchi and I were talking about how Coco got splinters on her legs because she crawled funny on our wood deck and Satchi had an idea to open Dr. Satchi's office. First she wanted to treat Coco but it didn't go so well since Coco was not into staying still for a pretend treatment. So we gathered up all her friends and made a impromptu waiting room with super lightweight floor seatings we got from my parents (we used to use them in our living when we were still living in Japan... nearly 20 years ago??). A toy table and kids' size chairs came in from our breakfast nook... and her doctor's kit. Before we knew it, the space which used to be open was filled with life. She mad sure that her patients had books to read while they waited. She then picked one patient at a time to treat their splinters. Our bandage consumption was steep... but it was fun to watch.  All the patients received "I am proud of you" stickers after they met with Dr. Satchi.

I am happy that we have a lot of flexible lightweight furniture around the house that can be moved around depending on our play, mood and occasion. Those floor seating move around from our breakfast nook to patio... to our dining room transforming a space, play and story told.

And as a child... how empowering to know that she can make a difference in a big space as well as little spaces if she choose to?


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