Saturday, June 28, 2014

Proof Bakery & Individual Medley // Atwater Village

It's always very special when Frido and I have few hours here and there to explore the LA neighborhood by ourselves. (seriously... it gets expensive to step out when we think of a babysitter expense...)

Last Friday we had a few hours in the morning so we decided to have a late (and second) breakfast and little shop visit at Atwater Village. This little neighborhood changed so much in last few years. It's colorful, energetic and full of opportunities for people watching. AND It happened to be really close from our studio in Glassell Park. Just 5-10 minutes of street driving.

I love Proof Bakery for casual (but really tasty) coffee and pastries and we were able to visit Individual Medley for the first time. Independent Medley is one of those shops that smell amazing when you enter the door... and every corner you look has something special to discover.

Over coffee and pastries we chatted about logistics for next Napkin Sketchbook production, finding binding vendor for notebooks we are making (soon!!), future travel plans... and a mix of random things between.

After visiting these two places, I was pretty energized and was ready to get back to Baum-kuchen. A short but true inspirational investment...


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