Monday, December 22, 2014

Keeping it simple... and doing what we love:)

I know that the holiday "feel" is everywhere in the world right now... but I am glad to share that we are keeping a "business as usual" with a little twist of Christmas at our household instead of overwhelming ourselves with holiday check list. Satchi and I did the last bike ride of the year on Sunday followed by a big chunk of time at a park. It was so nice to step away from the noise of the holidays and just focus on enjoying the time with the little ones outside.

We love watching our Christmas train every night before girls' bed time, opening an advent calendar and reading Christmas stories from library. The biggest highlight for me and Satchi will be going to the Nutcracker performance for the first time. I am hoping that the performance will inspire us and that it will be our annual ritual that is close to our hearts.

I hope you are having a lovely holiday season that is meaningful and unique to you and your family:)


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