Friday, December 5, 2014

We are heading out to Remodelista Market tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are heading out to Big Daddy's Antiques in Culver City to participate Remodelista Holiday Market. We are very thrilled to be invited back to their market since we had a lot of fun joining the party last year in Los Angeles and San Francisco:)

I have been preparing for the event throughout the week... and I am glad to report that we are ready enough. I need to be back in the studio early tomorrow morning to load all the boxes then drive to the venue with my partner in crime Nerine. Studio has been upside down for last few days with boxes of items that are sorted out and as you might be able to tell from the very last picture, it's not a very "capture the moment" beautiful instagram snapshot. It's the behind the scene of the sparkly holiday season. I will surely take some pictures from tomorrow and share the actual sparkly highlight of the event but I wanted to also share these "real" pictures from the studio.

Getting ready and witnessing the "messy" part of the process reminded me of the days when I used to set up a monthly pop-up at Rose Bowl Flea Market. Sometime I had help from family and friends and some other time... I was there at the market from 5am till the closing time at 3pm all by myself. It made me feel humble about the path we have taken in last 4.5 years. Because those were the days that created a foundation of what Baum-kuchen has become today.

Lately I have been thinking of what's next. Though I have no idea what the answer might be yet, I am trying to be patient and let the process unveil the direction. Because history is made everyday with or without us knowing... At least it's true for Baum-kuchen. It has been that way. It always has.


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