Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Creating orders... with brass hangers

I had a full day at the shop today and (finally!!) spent some time organizing in and around the studio space. Not enough... but a good start:) One thing I was able to do was to tackle some of the paper piles on my work station. My work station is in the corner of the shop... so I am always slightly conscious when it gets too messy. 

I wish all the paper work I handle at my desk is as beautiful as the stationery we carry... but for now... tax form, receipt, bank statements... look the way they do. So when I stumble on the idea of using the Superior Labor Brass Hanger as a place to clip papers... to create some kind of order, I was beyond thrilled! I can categorize and clip different papers, forms and correspondence on hangers. Multiple hangers can be placed on a single nail creating a neat but visual order. 

Little analogue tools that make me happy (and productive). 



p.s. those brass clips!! I found them at Japanese stationery store Kinokuniya few weeks ago. I am on the hunt to bring them to our shop:)


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