Saturday, January 3, 2015

make ripples... in life

I can't believe that new year has started. First few days in the studio... I am thankful to be very busy fulfilling the first round of orders from our shop. Tonight I finally got to see some of the photos from the NYE to the first day of 2015 with my family. We ate waffles in the morning, played in the snow at a local mountain (it has been cold here...) and took the girls to my parents' house for new year's tradition.

We also visited our friend Norm at his resting place. December 31st is his birthday and we have fond memory of celebrating the day with him and his family... like it were yesterday. Even after nearly 5 years of him passing, Frido and I miss him, think of him and talk about him daily. I imagine... it's like that when a person truly inspires another person's life. He made ripples that changed our lives.

Visiting him also gave us a moment of a reflection to always remember that today is the only day... for anyone and everyone including us. Of course we have goals, hopes and dreams for future but more than anything we want to be here, live today... and make our own set of ripples that bring something positive to the world.

cheers to 2015... !


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