Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Awesomely in love with Traveler's Notebook / Blue!

Last Sunday we took our family trip to Kinokuniya bookstore in downtown LA. We like to stop by this bookstore/stationery shop time to time to see if there is anything inspiring we haven't seen. And guess what I found on their self!!! Traveler's Notebook BLUE! I can hardly describe how excited I felt since this item has been sold out ever since it was released and I haven't had a chance to even hold a sample in my hand. Every time new TN blue inventory arrived, we wanted to make sure that our customers on waiting list got the priority to receive this leather cover before we opened one. So yeah... I was pretty excited that I was able to get one blue leather cover for me and another one for Frido. 

Frido decided to use his TN blue as his creative outlet (and his Roterfaden is for his Art Center work). It took me for a few days to open the packaging of my TN blue. It's like a little ceremony to greet a notebook that I will share my years of adventure with. The moment when I first held was a great reminder how much I absolutely love Traveler's Notebook. It reminded me that I am... first and foremost... the biggest Traveler's Notebook fan. Baum-kuchen happened to come with it and we are so lucky to be able to stand behind the products we adore completely wholeheartedly. 

I will be using my TN Blue to write my stories to share and little and big ideas for Baum-kuchen! 

p.s. TN blue leather cover is definitely bigger than the TN brown I purchased 7 years ago. It's about 1/4 taller and wider all around. I believe new TN leather cover is the same size as what TN blue measures. No wonder the new MTN can accommodate more notebooks and inserts than the older versions ever held. 

TN stack. From top to bottom. Brown, camel and blue

Traveler's Factory Hawaiian edition refill notebook / blank

And Frido's Traveler's Notebook Blue and his Roterfaden in light brown. His colors are so him... it's incredible how we have essential same products but they feel so different. 


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