Tuesday, July 14, 2015

our days in Michigan.

Satchi and I had great time in Michigan. We always do... every year. Susan's house is beautifully curated and I love discovering little corner vignette everywhere. In some way, this trip felt more like a vacation than any other recent trips. Maybe because I took a giant nap one day... maybe because Satchi is getting the age that is easy to travel. Or maybe it's just the Michigan air filled with layers of green. 

I loved our treasure hunting adventure visiting local vintage/antiques stores. I have heard that Midwest still has a lot of vintage artifacts left to be discovered and I think it was so true. I am always hunting for unique artifacts to use as the shop props and containers. Happy to report that I came home with a carry-on bag full of goodies and a parcel that was shipped from Michigan. 

The rest of time... we spend hours chatting and journaling together. Celebrating special birthdays and playing "cone hole" (do you know this game? It's addicting.) I also had a nice chat with Susan consulting about what is next for Baum-kuchen. She and I used to work a lot on projects together (pre Baum-kuchen) and I love getting her feedback. I think our 5 year plan is getting shaped nicely. 

I am already dreaming of our next year's visit. I am sure Coco will join our party:) 


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