Sunday, July 5, 2015

Camp BK / Malibu Creek State Park

Yesterday we came back from our very first camping trip as a family. This was a bit of rebound for Frido and me since when we took Satchi to beach camping when she just turned one, we got hit by a very windy day... and had to return home only after one night. I am glad to share that I think we did okay this time!

Since our girls could only tolerate a short drive before they start making their squeaky noise, we picked a campsite that is relatively local. Malibu Creek State Park was about 40minutes-1hour drive from Pasadena. Even though it's so close to the city, the moment we drove into the State Park, it felt like we were in the middle of canyon. During the day, it was very hot so we were thankful that we got lucky with a campsite with a big oak tree over us. Shade is priceless... We were hoping to hike through the creek after we pitched the tent on Thursday afternoon but the creek nearby the campsite was very dry. I think girls would have loved to see a little creek. We did hike to the rock hole that everyone was talking about on Yelp review but wasn't too sure if it really met our expectation when we finally got there. Perhaps it was a very busy weekend. I did love the hike through the canyon. I think some people loves being on top of the mountain and I love being in the canyon:)

On our 2nd day, we drove to Annenberg Beach House to avoid the heat during the day. It helped a lot to be at the beach and play with water there since the temperature different was quite a bit. Then Snug Attack family visited us at the campsite for late afternoon into dinner/s'more party. Kids LOVED playing at the campsite. I can't remember last time when I saw them laughing and giggling so hard. 

We were thrilled that both girls did great in tent sleeping and are excited to head out again to camping soon;) Frido and I are now on a mission to find the best campsite in LA region! 


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