Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adventure continues...

This summer... we probably visited beaches and pools more than we ever did in the past. You might laugh but I had years that I didn't step on the beach nor ocean even though we have been living in LA. I guess we got comfortable living in the east side of the city and LA traffic kept us away from venturing out. (It can really be 2 hours drive even though it's only 30 miles away).

I am so glad that Satchi and Coco's love for swimming and water kept us going back for more this year. We had so many fun playdates at Annenberg Beach House. We did beach camping at Point Mugu. Last week we visited Mother's Beach at Marina Del Rey which was like a pool but ocean. Beach in a harbor really is so fun for kids and little more relaxing because there are no waves (one less variable to worry about for little ones in the water). 

Last weekend we tried something new because I wanted us to expand our beach and water activities. We headed out to Dana Point Harbor Baby Beach and did kayaking and paddle boarding! I remember kayaking long long time ago but this was truly the first time with our girls. For Kayaking Satchi and I rented 2 seaters and Coco sat with Frido on 1 seater Kayak. I have to say it was so easy to access to kayak/paddle board rental shop from Baby Beach, I couldn't believe that we never thought of doing it before. Coco was bit nervous and sleepy at first but she warmed up to it once she had a little paddle of her own. Satchi was so comfortable in our kayak... at one point that she wanted to jump in the water to swim from kayak. (which she awesomely did at a shallow area:) We rented kayaks for 1 hour exploring boats and going under piers for an adventure. After an hour of kayak, Satchi and I hopped on a paddle board together. This was my first time being on a paddle board so it made 'me' nervous. Satchi sat on a front part of the board and occasionally stood up to test the balance. She did slip off the board while she was sitting down and it gave her a good dose of surprise. 

Coco has been talking everyday now... when our next kayak ride is going to be. I think our adventure continues!


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