Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BK Field Trip: The Los Angeles International Pen Show

This past weekend wee were thrilled to visit The Los Angeles International Pen Show in Manhattan Beach. I have been hearing about this pen show from our customers for many years and now I know why! It was like a pen heaven. Tables after tables with fountain pens... Old and new. Extreme premium to everyday use. They had everything! 

At Baum-kuchen we are starting to carry our first collection of fountain pens with LAMY so this field trip was timely. I personally really loved seeing and hearing stories about second and third hand fountain pens. It resonates with me that these pens are not throw-aways. They are artifacts that should be used, loved and passed on for more than one generation. I was glad that I went with Susan and Eunice. Susan helped me listen many stories about fountain pens from people behind the tables... and Eunice gave me all the pointers to look into reg. the fountain pen brands and details. 

I was excited to try some of the vintage fountain pens as well as beautiful Nakaya fountain pens. Writing with a Nakaya fountain pen felt like spreading butter on a bread. So smooth. I just wanted to keep writing. Maybe someday... as something I can use everyday and pass on to our girls.

I would love to hear which pens/fountain pens you love using. It feels like the world of fountain pens are bottomless. So much to learn and exciting to be learning:) 



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