Sunday, February 21, 2016

Celebrating the amazing adventure of Traveler's Notebook!

Tokyo/2008 - I first stumbled upon Traveler's Notebook.

When Frido and I spontaneously entered a stationery store in Ginza area and truly by lack... I saw Traveler's Notebook in display. Something about the notebook instantly pulled me into it and before I knew it, my suitcase was filled with 2 Traveler's Notebook (one for me and one for Frido), more than enough refills and TN binders because I knew I would not be able to find them once I am back in Los Angeles.

The rest is history. I eventually left my job at the a design company and opened our online shop Baum-kuchen in 2010 with a hope that we can someday bring Traveler's Notebook to Los Angeles. It took me a while to figure out how to bring them... But eventually stars aligned and we started carrying the line up of Traveler's Notebook as well as assortment of MIDORI items. When we first started selling TN, nobody really knew about them. We had a lot of fun figuring out how to communicate how amazingly versatile, practical and beautiful Traveler's Notebook was through our stories and pop-up shops at local markets. Slowly and surely... the community has grown and so as the volume of amazing artists' work you can now browse on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I love that Traveler's Notebook team continues to grow, evolve and inspire us. Traveler's Factory is always such a treat to visit and their limited edition items are always exciting to hold in my hands. And still to this day... everyday... I use my Traveler's Notebook and truly honestly I can't imagine my life without it.

I can't help to feel emotional when I reflect back on our journey with Traveler's Notebook since it really coincides with the growing up process of Baum-kuchen.

We are excited to celebrate Traveler's Notebook 10th Anniversary and share their adorable TN Mini that comes in original tin cans (I can totally see these tin cans holding my special TN charms!). TN Mini comes in 3 leather colors (brown, black and camel) and they are truly limited edition.

Simultaneously Traveler's Notebook is bringing back the beloved TN Camel in regular size and passport size! These items will be added to TN permanent collection so we will continue to carry them at our shop.

Some logistic details here reg. ordering these items from our shop:

  • Both TN 10th anniversary items and TN Camel will be released in Japan in March. Our shop is expecting to receive these items in April. 
  • We are currently waiting to find out quantity we will be receiving when first shipment arrives. 
  • In order to inform our customers as quickly as possible, we are creating a wait list for both items. So if you are interested in getting information in a timely manner, please send an email to "" 
  • Once we confirm the inventory quantity, we will start taking PRE-ORDER. 
Cheers to your ever evolving Travelers' Notebook adventure! 


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