Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our adventure with "the journey is the destination" Tote Cushion

If you have visited our studio/shop or seen some pictures of our space, you probably have noticed a big banner on our wall with "the journey is the destination" quote. This quote really resonates with us at Baum-kuchen because it encompasses the beauty of two things we love so much. The process of all things analogue... and traveling. Using the quote as an inspiration, Frido went through a pretty extensive design process in 2014 to come up with the way we framed the quote visually. We shared his design using stickers as a medium. These stickers became quite popular and I am excited that we will soon be carrying them as ongoing artifact at our shop.

Then... some people really liked the quote and they wanted to incorporate the banner in their house. We heard from many people... "can we buy the banner on the wall for my room??" Since the banner was one of the kind Frido made for the studio, we have been thinking and looking around to find another way to bring the quote to the interior space.

Of course... everything happens for a reason. While we were searching for some ideas, I saw one of the IG image Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods posted about their prototype pillow with a leather handle... and I was totally sold! The quote should totally go with this canvas pillow with a leather handle! We went through few months of prototyping the details and finding the awesome pillow insert that will match the superb quality of canvas pillow cover designed and made by 1.61 Soft Goods.

And so the Tote Cushion with "the journey is the destination" was born:)

I love how much these cushions have become a part of our everyday in the house. They make great lumber support on a deep couch (which helps my back ache so much after working on my laptop). It's a pillow I use in girls' bedroom when they need me to lay next to them (between them) at night. And both Satchi and Coco LOVE playing with them. These pillows are the boat, airplane, bed for their dolls, purse... anything they could imagine them to be.

Some people thought it will make a great house warming, a graduation, baby shower and birthday gift! I can totally see that any of the big milestones in life can be celebrated with the attitude of "the journey is the destination".

If you are interested in taking a look at the pillow little more closely, you can find them here at our shop!



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