Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Change is the only constant"

When we came back from Japan and I had a chance to brainstorm on the changes I wanted to bring into the practice of Baum-kuchen, one thing I wrote on my 5 Year Plan was to "make the fulfillment space the most inspiring place possible."

For last 2 years or so... we have had a clear separation between "store" space and "fulfillment" space since we fulfilled in the backroom. This made sense few years ago when it was just me and Nerine (and it was usually one of us in the back) and smaller quantity of inventory to take up the space. - and I found a blog post that pretty much says that! Now sometimes three of us are working at the same time, we felt little jammed in the space. Also backroom doesn't have air-conditioning... so we were jammed and were very warm in the room!

I thought a lot about perhaps the option of moving the studio/shop space to somewhere little more spacious... but I am not quite ready for that yet... as I tend to be slow in growing process.

At the same time I didn't want to wait for another five years to get better working space for our awesome BK team... so came the solution. "Let's merge the fulfillment space into the shop space." So imagine it's a restaurant where you get to sit and eat your dinner while watching your food being made over the counter. Kind of like that! As an in-store customer, you will see us fulfilling the orders and taking care of bits and pieces of BK business while you browse through our in-store collection. We can be more available to answer any questions you might have since we are in the same space and you can really get the sense of the dynamic of our studio with our motto "work and fulfill packages beautifully".

We did have to minimize some parts of our shop space. One was to relocate our analogue table. We no longer have the big center table and are currently working on creating a smaller tabletop where we can all walk up to and use some of our favorite analogue tools!

I love that I wrote "change is the only constant" to finish off my blog post 2 years ago when I talked about our space... and today I will say it again. "Change is the only constant" because we are a living and breathing brand that is constantly evolving.

... and cheers to that;)




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