Monday, August 8, 2016

Color + Letter!

Greetings from Michigan!
Our girls and I are visiting our friend Susan this week while prepping for our BK open studio that is happing this Saturday:) The days have been filled with a lot of lake swimming and taking much needed downtime while enjoying this beautiful part of America... I am thankful that we have also had a healthy dose of analogue time around our dining table. Playing with analogue tools and colors for the sake of playing.

I love that about slow-traveling... It helps us to step out of our routine and nudge us to be little more playful. Being on the road also keeps us focus on the tools we have available. A small collection of analogue tools that fit in my Superior Labor Leather Carrier and a pouch... instead of all the options I might have at home.

Less choice = less time thinking about what to do next = more time to play!

Since our Inspiration Lab with Amy Tangerine, I have been fascinated with watercolor and lettering. I don't have the signature handwriting style... but I am enjoying the Lettermate template that gives a nice clean look! I know Lettermate was originally designed with the "envelope" in mind but I love carrying it in my Traveler's Notebook and using it to create a title on my journal page, dates on my weekly page... and more. I had a lot of fun combining watercolor with water brush and Lettermate in last few days!

Here are some snapshots from last few days of analogue play time. Messy but fun:)


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