Friday, August 19, 2016

Thank you Amy Tangerine for bringing such a colorful energy to BK Inspiration Lab!

We had a fun Inspiration Lab with Amy Tangerine on 7/31! During the workshop I was able to listen to her story and thoughts on journaling. It was inspiring to hear her say that reflecting on the memory and moments shouldn't be an intimidating task especially when we are working with Traveler's Notebook size. Compared to 12x12 scrapbook size, Traveler's Notebook format is more approachable and easy to carry so we can take the "journaling process" everywhere we go. 

She also showed us how she uses watercolor to bring her pages to life. It's so fun to watch someone who is so talented and artistic to work on the spread right in front of you. All the participants brought in special memorandum from their recent adventures and after Amy's demo, everyone got very busy working on their travel-log page inspired by Amy's fun and colorful aesthetics.

I really hope this Inspiration Lab kick-started some of our guests' visual journaling. 

I got home, picked up my watercolor brush and painting letters ever since then


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