Tuesday, October 18, 2016

family art retreat at Ojai to celebrate special birthday!

At the end of September, we took a weekend trip to Ojai to celebrate snug attack's 7th birthday.

It's so incredible to know that both Satchi and Coco have grown-up with Luci and Jason literally since they were born. They know each other so well... and it comes so natural and easy for them to be together. Not to forget... grown-ups have the Art Center tie for 15 years in making. So being able to spend the whole weekend with the snug attack family was such a treat for all of us.

We picked Ojai because it is surprisingly close to LA (only 1.5 hours drive from Pasadena!!!) and we always loved the super easy-going and meditative vibe in this little town. Jane found this lovely airbnb location that was more than perfect. Plenty of space for everyone to spread out, play, cook meals and have a quiet moment as needed. We loved the pool with a water slide and a cocoon swing in the backyard which Coco spent quite bit of time playing with!!! We spent Saturday at Beatrice Woodes Center for the Arts's workshop then strolled through the ground of The Ojai Foundation afterward which was all nearby our airbnb location. We also brought tons of art making materials... so the weekend naturally took the turn to be the spontaneous family art retreat.

Happy birthday Luci and Jason!!!!! We heart you so much:) xoxo

Where we stayed:

Where we visited:

Where we ate:
  • Boccali's  // loved their pasta!!! can't wait to go back in the evening when they open the picnic area open! 
  • Farmer and the Cook // came with a high review from all our friends! they did not disappoint:) 


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