Sunday, October 16, 2016

Metamorphosis: MD Leather Cover // 6+ months

When I am using my MD leather cover everyday, I sometimes forget that the leather ages and wears in... similar to how we don't see how much our kids are growing because we are living life with them everyday.

I have been using my MD leather cover in A5 size since April. By now the leather definitely got darker and is wearing few watermarks (from leaking kid's water bottle in my backpack!!) proudly and wrinkles here and there from everyday usage. The other day we opened a brand new B6 slim leather cover at our studio and I couldn't believe how much my A5 size MD leather cover has changed.

Back in June, I wrote this story about simplifying my analogue system and took a few pictures of the leather cover. I love that my leather cover has passed the pink nude phase since then... and is now much closer to the shade of caramelized camel.

I am really close to finishing the MD Grid Notebook in my leather cover and feeling really nostalgic. I am holding onto the last few pages... probably for few more days... flipping through the pages and processing all we have done in last few months.


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