Monday, November 28, 2016

BK in Tokyo // Ateliers Penelope

About 20 minutes walk from Traveler's Factory... through the residential neighborhood was Ateliers Penelope. The visit to this boutique lifestyle/bag studio & shop was much anticipated for me. I have known them for so many years and was always intrigued by their designs and aesthetics. They make a lot of their items in their first-floor maker's space. The 2nd floor is their showroom/shop. I am especially excited about some of their items that can be incorporated into everyday analogue adventures as well as some of the bags that are so uniquely designed. Their craftsmanship is amazing. Their canvas colors are a mix of muted and classic colors to choose from... and so different from anything we come across in the U.S.

I picked up a few items to sample and am so excited to be exchanging emails with them to inquire future relationship.

If you are in the are of Traveler's Factory, a little walk to Ateliers Penelope is definitely a worth the time!



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