Sunday, December 4, 2016

BK in Tokyo // Indulging Japanese tea and sweets at Higashi-ya

Higashi-ya was a very special stop recommended by our friend Maybelle. Since we didn't do anything really touristy in Tokyo, this really helped us get closer to traditional Japanese culture. It was one rainy day we had in Tokyo and even with Google Map, it took us for a while to figure out where this place was. But once we found it.., it was truly magical. From entering the space through the curtain, marveling all the beautifully wrapped sweets to sitting down to enjoy an incredibly indulging cup of perfectly brewed tea and carefully crafted sweet that felt more like a treasure than edible food.

I think we all soaked up a lot of inspiration for Baum-kuchen while we spent our late afternoon... sipping on our tea and enjoying a moment of slow travel.

If you are in the area of "Ito-ya" stationery store, this is a great little spot to rest your traveling feet and enjoy stillness!


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