Thursday, June 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Coco. You are now 4!!!

Our little Coco turned 4 years old on Saturday.
This past year we have watched Coco grow so so much. She is very different from her sister and it amazes me... (even though it makes total sense in my head that she is, of course, different from Satchi) I love that Coco's strength and personality are unique to who she is and she is such a burst of growing force.

This year, Frido and I decided "not" to give any physical birthday gifts to Satchi and Coco... instead asked each of them what they would like to do as a family. Coco picked El Capitan Canyon weekend nature trip for her birthday. Because of the season, we were asked to book 3 nights (instead of our usual 2 nights). Though the extra night added to the overall cost of the stay, it was incredible to have the stretch of 3 nights and 4 days to just "be" in the canyon. Kids LOVED their cabin loft to sleep in which felt like an attic space and so dreamy! We truly appreciated having warm beds to sleep at night and quick showers we were able to take after spending all day outside! We did most of the cooking around the campfire instead of eating at their Canyon market and spent tons of time breathing in some fresh air for our soul and heart. Our outdoor activities included swimming at the pool, hiking to see goats and llama at a nearby ranch, getting much-needed ocean air at El Capitan State Beach... and just sitting down at a campsite to marvel oak trees cascade through the creek.

Happy Birthday, Coco!!!!
We love you to pieces (even in the midst of the epic tantrum) and are so thankful how you complete the family.


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