Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Subtracting... instead of adding

Since we came home from our Okinawa trip, we have made some changes in our everyday in Los Angeles. Not to work in the evenings is definitely one of them for me...  I also have started to reconsider some old social media habits. Especially when I am with our kids, I take pics with my phone but I am staying away from posting anything during the day. When I am at home, I also barely check my phone in the midst of the day other than text messages that are about spontaneous playdate arrangements... or quick updates from Frido who might be at work. It's amazing how time feels so infinite and open when we are not constantly visiting the virtual worlds that exist outside of our physical realm.

We are also making a few physical shifts at our home. After traveling, girls officially announced to us that they are ready for bunk beds. So we deep cleaned their shared room and made some family decisions about which toys to keep and give away. By doing so, they made space for bunk beds but also an individual desk that is special to each of them. We share so much of the home space with each other as well as with friends through homeschooling so we talked about how this space can be just for them and they can decide how they want to decorate their desk and use the space. The discussion is definitely work-in-progress... but I enjoy watching them become more aware of their environment and what it means to have just enough but not too much.

And lastly but probably the hardest for me has been not to jump on every opportunity to be out and about. To take serious moments to think through the choices before committing to playdates, more classes for girls, and add more meetings on my calendar. Instead of looking for "more" from outside, I am choosing to look inside to fill my soul and our family's.

I like to keep telling myself that it's okay to subtract... instead of adding more to everyday and looking forward to watching the slow mindset shift this summer into fall.


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