Saturday, March 31, 2018

Let the gratitude and humbleness come to life by running


I am so happy to share that I finished Los Angeles Marathon two weekends ago! When I completed, my first text message to Frido was "Finished, and it was amazing!!!" and that is still exactly how I feel about the experience today. Running through our own city was such a treat too. I have never thought it was possible to get from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica Beach with my own two feet.

Yes. It took almost 5 hours, but I never stopped moving forward. Physically, most incredible part was the feeling of the energy rushing through the body during the 2nd half of the race. Thanks to the pre-race carb-loading (Thank you so much, Susan, for feeding the entire family with tasty and nourishing food for 10 days leading up to the race!!). Even though I never wanted to eat another "healthy carb" ever again, eating strategically during the pre-race week really helped.

A huge thank you to our running team who is so close to my heart and our experienced coach Andy for putting together a training program that strengthened me physically and emotionally to be able to complete the race.

And of course..., there was nothing like seeing the smiles of families at the 16th-mile point of the race as well as each morning when I returned from my training run.

The day was worth all the sweat and tear that went into the 6-month training. And I believe running brings gratitude and humbleness in life. It's magical.


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