Sunday, March 11, 2018

Staying true to who we are.

I wrote this content few weeks ago for our BK Love Letter (you can sign up here if you are interested:). This message is really important to me so I wanted to keep a record here as well. Someday I might look back to this post and smile:)


February was an indeed short month! Days flew by but not without making the time count. I am back training for a marathon. Making each step cautiously but with a sense of optimism... just the way I run my life.

At Baum-kuchen studio, we are in the full swing of planning Inspiration Lab with The Superior Labor that will be happening in May. This Inspiration Lab is especially important because it is the first tangible manifestation to answer a question that has been lingering in my head for last few years.

"In the midst of a culture that is everything instant and disposable, where do we stand as a shop?"
I have been pondering a lot about the responsibility which weighs on me as a shop owner. I have wanted to find an authentic way to help our community embrace artifacts instead of constantly needing to sell more new things. What if Baum-kuchen can be a hub to support the wearing-in process of the artifact? Yes. We will continue to curate and share artifacts we believe in with you. At the same time, can we also be there to help transform your beloved artifacts to be truly yours with stories, memories, and love?

Creating something new is time-demanding and comes with a sense of vulnerability. I am thankful for the BK and TSL team's support to power through the process of creation. The event is shaping up beautifully with a lot of fun and original contents. You can read more about the Inspiration Lab details here on our website if you are interested. I hope this will be the beginning of something little bigger for our studio/shop.

While you are browsing the BK space, I would love you to take a look at an interview piece with Ame. She is the newest member of Baum-kuchen studio and we can't be happier to share her passion for all things analogue with you. Also, Trina is sharing a story about journaling with "authentic voice". I am immensely inspired by Trina's personal journey and so grateful that she can inspire us all with her insightful thoughts.

As spring nears, I hope your "home", whether it's your physical home or inside of your journal pages, continues to be a reflection of who you truly are.



always work in progress...

Los Angeles // March 3rd, 2018


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