Saturday, March 31, 2018

TN Blue // Color comparison

We are so excited to share that we have received our first inventory for the new TN Blue at our studio. It's nearly impossible to conclude exact color of the TN Blue (since each TN blue will be slightly different from one to another due to the nature of the leather as an organic material). But I thought it might be visually helpful if you get to see the new and original TN Blue next to each other. 

TN Blue Passport in the photographs is the new version added to our collection!

Wearing the leather also changes the leather color over time, and each leather seems to act and react differently. I have seen TN Brown get both darker and lighter over usage. (My original TN Brown have gone very light compared to my friend's TN Brown which got richer and darker in color). Humidity in the air, oil on your hand, coffee and water stains, etc. all go into the color factors. 

I hope you get to see "YOUR" Traveler's Notebook evolve with continuous usage.


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