Thursday, April 26, 2018

Adding colors with the Engineer Pouch with Pockets

With the spring season full in the air, it feels perfect to celebrate the arrival of the new Engineer Pouch with Pockets from The Superior Labor. These new colors bring so much life and vibrancy. I love them all!

I have been using my Natural canvas with red paint version for over a year now and I can't tell you how handy this pouch is. Having two internal pockets make such a difference in keeping small analogue artifacts and everyday essentials organized and easy to find. It's the pouch I keep all my "must have at all times" items and when I swap the bag from work to family bag, I just transfer the pouch and know that I have everything I need (like wallet, my Jibun Techo, favorite everyday pens, etc.)

Here are colors that are currently available. I can't wait to see which color will be your favorite!

Navy canvas with Light Blue paint
Khaki canvas with Orange paint
Olive canvas with Navy paint
Natural canvas with Blue Gray paint
Black canvas with Black paint
Natural canvas with Red paint (pre-order)


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