Saturday, April 14, 2018

Designed by People. Made for People.

We recently made a new BK sticker that says "Designed by People. Made for People." This is an important statement for me because it sums up "why" we do what we do behind Baum-kuchen. In the world where so much of focus is on profit, sales, and monetary success, I want to challenge the status quo at Baum-kuchen and have a laser sharp focus on making people around us happy. I want to speak with our action that people in and around Baum-kuchen matter more than anything in the world.

We are celebrating Baum-kuchen's 8th birthday. (Thank goodness it coincides with Satchi's birthday. I can always remember how old our Baum-kuchen is:)  It doesn't feel like I have been a part of Baum-kuchen for so many years... but I have vivid memories of many incredible milestones we have passed together.

As an eight-years-old business, I am grateful that we have a voice and we can continue to stand behind our word every day.


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