Monday, April 30, 2018

Let's do this! Santa Monica Classic Run/Walk in September, 2018

After taking the much needed 3 weeks off after LA marathon in March, I'm up and running again. Right now running between 3-4 miles each time and the goal is to increase the mileage little by little to get to my baseline (about 15 miles/week) over the summer.

I will be training again for Pasadena 1/2 Marathon then LA marathon, 2019. But for now... I am enjoying how it feels to run just for the sake of running. The morning weather has been perfect for a quick jog and watching all the spring flowers burst out of the sidewalk and trail has been so rewarding.

Truly, I could not have finished the training and the half & the full marathon without support and encouragement from my friends and families. Especially the way Satchi and Coco have cheered me along my running journey this past year has been so incredible. So as a part of the Los Angeles race series, I will be signing up my family for Santa Monica 5k run/walk that will be happening on September 9th (Sunday)! Girls are super excited and started doing some morning run with me. I am also hoping that our BK team will run/walk along with us to share the joy. It's my turn to cheer the people around me to be a part of the journey.

So I wanted to extend the invitation to our Baum-kuchen community. If Running or walking 3 miles along the Pacific Ocean crossed your mind recently, join us and let me know that you registered! Seriously. It will be so much fun!!

You can start registering for the race after tomorrow via below link.

And if you are up for half marathon in January, here is the link to the one in Pasadena.

I know that my life shifted a little in a good way since starting to train last year and I love that it can be contagious.

Let's do this:)


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