Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25th: today... 3 years ago

Today... three years ago, we exchanged our wedding bow.

Between the preparation for in-laws arrival tonight and the play time with little roo, I am tracing our sweet memory from three years ago... hour by hour.

Three years feels like such a short time for all the things we have shared as a husband and a wife.

We traveled through multiple continents witnessing a beautiful tree that has seen centuries of history and breathed misty air in the Lost City of Incas. We celebrated his second degree from Art Center and supported each other to continue crafting meaningful careers. We searched for the dream home between our weekly "hi" and "good bye" at airport... which happily ended with the news of our first baby and intensive renovation that was done in "Germanese" style.

Now after 3 years, we are a household of 3!

My greatest insight through all these experiences has been the sense of discovery that pops everyday. Because we are both constantly evolving... even after three years... I feel like I am still getting to know him. Getting to know "today's him". It has become so much more evident after having our little roo. He is a great husband but also a great father.

Through time, I am also learning about myself. Sometimes my own reaction to new thing surprises me... and I am thankful that he gives me a lot of space to figure out who I want to be and always welcome me with an open arm to accept who I am today.

Cheers to us:)

all pics photographed by Erin Hearts Court


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