Sunday, August 29, 2010

Burning Man prep!

It has been fun to see our big backyard slowly turning into the home base of Burning Man trip!

Hubby and his dad are heading out to the desert city in a few days.

My father-in-law is 73 years old and lived through the peak of hippie era. So naturally the moment we showed him our pics from last year, he became fixated to get himself there this year. From our experience, we knew it's not the place we should send him alone unprepared... so we decided to give him the ticket to this year's Burning Man as the Christmas gift with the promise that hubby and he would go together.

It's so cute to see a 73 years old man getting so excited about the trip! He is truly a kid in his heart... Every since he arrived at our house on Wednesday, he has been waking up really early in the morning to spend hours reading up on art installations, fixing bicycles, testing his video camera and figuring out the shade structure.

He inspires me to always stay curious and get excited about the adventure that lies ahead...
burning man prepburning man prepburning man prep
p.s. it was nice to read what i wrote last year... wow... time flies.


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