Sunday, August 22, 2010

telling a story

Little roo is so lucky to have so many lovely aunties who shower her with beautiful gifts. My friend Susan is in town and look what little roo received from her!

This is only one of many gifts from Susan and I fell in love with the way she wrapped the book Go Dog Go, Susan's favorite book to read when she is with little ones.

Isn't it cute? I loved the way that the gift wrap hinted what was inside... expanding the anticipation and excitement of what I was about to open. Brown craft paper is my favorite material to play with. The humble tactility, flexibility to be sweet or bitter, and the feeling of easy going(ness).

My friend knows me little too well. I am saving this wrap for little roo's scrap book.

(I know the gift was not for me...of was for my little roo. I just like opening gifts "for her". One of many privileges of motherhood:)
gift from susan


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