Monday, August 9, 2010

spontaneous happiness

This post is a sequel from the last one...

It turns out that the simple life opens up time for more spontaneous happiness.

On Sunday as we were bathing the sun under the tree, our friend who was entertaining the day of daddy day care decided to join us with his little boy, Oliver. It was a fun spontaneous get together. No calling ahead to make a plan, no scheduling the exact time to see each other... we just chatted little bit over the phone while we were waiting for our food at the breakfast place and they simply joined us little later.

When I was traveling Paris a few years ago, I came across a lot of young Parisian gathering around cafe with their friends after work... some drinking cappuccino while others sipping wine. They were enjoying the in-between time of afternoon and evening to catch up from the day of adventure. They made it look so effortless. I enjoyed watching them... wishing that we too could have some rituals with friends like that.

Somehow life in LA doesn't allow us for casual get togethers. Maybe because we have to drive to everywhere or maybe because we are too busy driving to get somewhere.

Seeing them on Sunday at the park reminded me of the lingering thought I had at the cafe in Paris. Maybe what we needed to do was to weed out some unnecessary agenda of the day and see what happens. We had fun:) Sat around the picnic blanket to chat and got Oliver excited enough to do some quick photo shoot with his dad. Aren't they a cute duo?

We'll be outing again next weekend (most likely on Saturday morning). If you would like to join us, let us know. Maybe we can hang out at the park:)
park on Sunday
fredi + oliver (8/8/10)
fredi + oliver (8/8/10)fredi & oliver


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