Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catching up!

I can't believe my last post from Germany was our Berlin trip. It feels like it was ages ago!!!

We are now back in our home in Los Angeles.

Usually the post-travel days are slightly chaotic for me since I get very anxious to send all the items to the customers who have made orders while we were away. So I knew it would be crazy few days... but then there was the amazing shop feature on REMODELISTA on Friday morning. It brought a lot of unexpected shop traffic and series of new orders! 

Plus our 4am jet lag wake up time. (makes it even more difficult with our little one's jet lag)

Plus today's pop-up shop at Rose Bowl Flea Market which felt like an oven with the 100 degree temperature and high humidity.

Yes... it has been little crazy and chaotic here.

I am breathing in and out... trying to make a steady progress.

I hope you had a lovely weekend:)


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