Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Growing up

It feels like yesterday when we brought our little Roo home from the hospital... then just like that ... she started her preschool on this Monday.

I wish that I could say, "oh... the first drop-off was no problem at all. She said good bye to me and went on to play with her new friends."  The truth is that she screamed and cried like there was no tomorrow on the first day. This morning (the second day), she held my hand as hard as she could so I won't let go... and I had to peel her hands away from me with kisses then leave as she once again screamed and cried.

Her teacher told me that she did stop crying (though she was sad throughout the morning on and off...) and played. I know she likes some part of going to school because she is excited to drive to school with me in the morning and happily holds her special lunch box to walk into the campus.

When I pick her up in the mid-day after lunch, she announces to the whole class, "mama came back!!!". I bring her home and she is really shaken up... and can't settle herself enough to take a nap. I am trying to simplify the rest of her day so she can find her mental equilibrium again.

Yeah... it's hard. It's hard for me to see her go through this. I wish I could always be there to protect her and provide what she needs at every moment of her life... but I know I can't. At some point all parents have to let their kids go... Whether it happens today or tomorrow...

Any transition is rocky for a little one and for the family. Just like when she moved from her crib to a regular bed this summer, this transition will continue to evolve. I am crossing my fingers that it will evolve in the positive direction...


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