Thursday, September 27, 2012

Locavore at Altadena Farmer's Market!

Since I am talking about things I am loving recently... why don't we continue with another post??

A very cute little farmer's market has opened few months ago in Altadena. Very cozy, family-friendly, special farmer's market filled with  highly curated vendors like urban farmers (organic... or course), a local cafe artisan, cheese guy and an oyster guy!!!  Bon Appetite was even saying that this farmer's market is leading Altadena to be like the next Brooklyn...

Totally cool, right?

I love it because it's much much smaller and intimate than South Pasadena farmer's market which feels like it is a huge fair in the summer months... I feel safe walking with my little Roo without feeling like she is going to constantly bump into other shoppers.

I can't imagine doing all the groceries there without breaking our bank... but it's nice to get a few special treats for the week and a small dinner together.

Cheers to being a locavore:)


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