Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today is the only day...

Today Roo and I took a metro train to meet up with our favorite Snug Attack twins!

First... Roo never took a train in Los Angeles before today.
Second... we rarely go to downtown even though it's 30 minutes or so from our house because it's a bit out of our way.

So taking a train and exploring downtown was a pretty big adventure for two of us and I am so glad we did it! We checked out James Irvine Japanese Garden (very kid's friendly in size), took a big walk to Urth Cafe (totally love what's happening in the Art District... especially I used to go to Sci-Arc which was right around the corner when there was nothing there!), then had an adventurous ride on the historical Angel's Flight!

For last week or so, there have been multiple discussions with few important people in my life about what if's in life.... and those conversations really made me think of how I should always think of JUST today.  No tomorrow... no yesterday... just today and make it really count whether I am working, spending time with someone important or just relaxing at home to fuel my soul.

So in a way, today was so awesome with a slight chaos and adventures!
Thanks Jane+twins for awesome time:)


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