Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As a parent...

Every time our Roo has an emotional meltdown at home, I ask her to work on calming down her cry because it is really hard on my ears and head... but I also tell her that I will hold her in my lap as long as she needs me to. Usually all she needs to hear is that I will be there for her until she is ready... and within a minute or so, she tells me, "I am ready!!" and off she goes on her own again.

I am taken by how much she has grown in last few months... but feeling her small body in my arm also reminds me how little and fragile she still is... and how much we ask of her.

Today I came across this beautiful poem at the littlest blog...
my hands are small. i don't mean to spill my milk.
my legs are short –– please slow down so i can keep up.

please look at me when i talk to you. it lets me know you are really listening.

remember, i am a child, not a small adult. sometimes i don't understand what you are saying. 

i love you so much. please love me for just being myself, not just for the things i can do. 

- author unknown
It's not always easy to be a parent... but then... if there is one "work" we devote our entire life to..., I would always 120% choose to be a parent. I am thankful for our Roo to teach me that... everyday.

p.s. congratulations to Elizabeth and her family of the littlest... for the beginning of an amazing journey as a family of four:)



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