Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kai-zen = constantly evolving Baum-kuchen as a brand...

Through March and April... you might have noticed our brand new Baum-kuchen logo popping up here and there through our online medias.

One of our biggest Baum-kuchen takeaways from 2012 was recalibrating and fine tuning the direction of which we are heading. We definitely wanted to continue curating amazing products from all over the world... but also pour our energy into creating artifacts that are thoughtful and meaningful...

As a part of the conversation, we came to the conclusion that it will be lovely to have a new logo and identity when we start creating more products. Something that is less type heavy... but more iconic and timeless so it can be placed on our original products without taking away the ultimate simplicity we aspire to achieve while designing. So our journey to create a new brand identity began.

Last December we asked our friend and talented graphic designer Tomo to bring her process and be the lead designer on the task... and I have to say... the journey has been nothing but amazing. Discussing about our brand with Tomo and sharing our 5, 10... and 20 year vision with her really clarified internally who we were and where we wanted to be. After working on our brand identity project for months with Tomo... we now have a logo mark that we love... but more importantly an internal north star that will help us guide through the future decision making process.

Because a "brand" ultimately has to always come from the inside of our heart and how we act... not just from how we look.

I love the Japanese word, "Kai-zen". It means continuous improvements instead of a dramatic shift. It feels very fitting for us. Humble but constant improvement and evolution as a brand... to continuously move toward our vision. We will always be work-in-progress. So you will hopefully see us grow and evolve everyday... today, tomorrow, one year from now... and many more years to come.

Thank you so much Tomo for a great journey...

and thank YOU for always supporting us and being a part of our adventure!




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