Monday, May 6, 2013

Last seven days...

It was seriously one crazy week for us!

We received a box full of LIFE's Journey measuring stick from Germany... so Frido and I spent days and nights throughout the week preparing them and fulfilling all the pre-orders. (finally shipped all the pre-orders today!!)

On top of that... we were pushing to launch May issue of Baum-kuchen love letter during the week... which was so much fun to put together... but required consecutive long work days to make it happen. Partially to put together the contents for the letter... other big chunk of the time was spent to finish up the new product launch so we could include them in the newsletter. I was up at 3am on Thursday night... and was so thankful that I went to the most demanding design school that existed because I somehow turned my system on to keep going until I saw the end. I know I am not really supposed to be doing this at the point of 9 months pregnancy but it is a part of my obsessive tendency... and I believe that kind of obsession is sometimes what is needed to run a business...

Frido and I took a small lunch break to celebrate the launch of love letter on Friday... then went back to work till the end of Saturday. Phew... what a marathon.

Between work... Roo and I went for a swim on Tuesday afternoon! It was her first swim this year and she LOVED it! I see a swimming lesson for this girl this summer:) We also celebrated early Mother's Day with my mom on Sunday. We did it because I knew we will not able to visit her during next weekend... but it worked out great! I made her a surprise flower arrangement and took her out for lunch on Sunday. I am pretty sure that restaurants will be crazy busy next weekend... so in a way we beat the traffic and enjoyed our time together:)

... and lastly... remember me talking about the idea of secret oasis in our garden? Well... my wish came true. Frido built a small structure in our backyard where we can grow vines and sit underneath to breathe in our garden. And he did it over one weekend by himself. Yep... he is capable.

So that was a quick run-down of our week.

This week... I am hoping for just as productive but less crazy seven days to come.

more photos after jump!


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