Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's bring some happy surprises to Mother's Day!

When we think of giving flowers to mothers, does it always have to be a big bouquet from a formal flower shop?

Definitely not! Instead of being grand..., a mother's day gesture can be a little something that brings extra happiness to her day.

We can squeeze a dose of creativity added to flowers that can be easily found at a local market... mixed with found objects around the house... and VOILA! You can create sweet surprises everywhere in the house. Especially quite romantic if you (I am talking to you... our lovely male friends/ and customers!) are thinking of giving flowers to your partner, girlfriend, a lovely wife who is a mother of your little ones and shares the same roof with you (because you can set up all these ideas the night before... and surprise her when she wakes up:)

The idea is to use anything and everything as flower vases to set up a small bunch of flowers around the house. It brings extraordinary moments to everyday routines especially when she finds flowers in the most unexpected spots... like a kitchen cabinet.

Surprise her!
... and most importantly have fun with it:)

Here are few ideas you can use as starting points. But seriously... the possibilities are endless!

Idea 1: Open and surprise!
Put small assortments of flowers in kitchen cabinets (or in a bathroom medicine cabinet, a walk-in closet, shoe storage... anywhere with doors that are regularly opened throughout the day!) and watch her smile when she finds the little treasure!

Idea 2: Let flowers overflow from everywhere!
Why not stick some flowers into every crevice you can find throughout the house? Don't worry about making them too perfect or bouquet-like. Combining unexpected spots with casually placed flowers can do some happy magic. Look for drawers, boxes and other objects that are usually used for something else...

Idea 3: Everyday objects as flower vases
We don't need fancy vases to make flowers stand out. Look into various cabinets in the house and you will find countless objects to hold a small amount of water and a pretty flower or two to express your appreciation to the mother. You can even bunch up few of these made-up vases and create a tabletop arrangement to go with special breakfast. In the pictures below, we used a boiled egg holder and tiny casseroles to hold single flowers and put them on a wooden cutting board. Seriously easy!

Concept by: Lisa Yamaguchi
Photography: Baum-kuchen


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