Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Because we want this in our life...

For a really long time... I thought having a "balance" between work and life is what is ideal in my life. Now that I am a mother of two and a business owner..., I am not sure if the perfect "balance" is possible... or if it is even what I want.

We decided to re-open the shop after Coco turned one month. Today my day is long... and full. Some people have told me that I should focus on caring for Coco right now instead of running the business because she is only this small today and only today. I can't agree more about the fact that she is only one month today... and we will never get this time back. I adore her and her dynamic being and love watching both of my girls grow everyday.

At the same time, it will not be truly myself... if I take Baum-kuchen out of my life's equation. I love designing, curating special experiences, telling stories, and running a business. It's what makes me... me.

Maybe I am greedy but I want both in my life... and I am going for it. I have solicited my family for help (which I usually don't do), catching small chunks of sleep here and there, working while Coco naps... At the same time, I give 100% of me as a mother when I am with Coco and Roo...

Whether I am working, spending time with the family, or finally sleeping on my back, I treasure the very moment and wish that the time would expand and never end. Don't get me wrong... the reality is not perfect. Washing dishes usually gets pushed away and so as taking shower. I am in my pajama and have a bed head until I have to squeeze my quick run to the post office at 2pm.

But we keep pushing... because we want this in our life.


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