Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last week...

We were all little bit under the weather last week... peaking on early Sunday morning when Roo woke up crying that her ear was hurting... at 4am. Thankfully, most of the symptoms seems to have passed us after having a family movie Sunday.

Aside from being sick..., we are having a lot of fun prototyping a new original item for Baum-kuchen. It is starting to prove that having to stay at home more is making us generate more ideas than ever before. Isn't it funny how it works? Someone told me that a child needs 20 minutes of boredom before she starts to create something. Same rule probably applies to adults too.

Speaking of little ones..., a week makes a huge difference to a baby. Coco now makes sounds like she is cooing (the cutest thing ever), smiles more and filling up every inch of her body in a very healthy way. Even though time seems to pass by so quickly, I try to take notice of small and big changes that are happening to her. We adore her...

I hope your week is going well!



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