Monday, July 22, 2013

Takuro's Traveler's Notebook [A place to ponder and remember]

Tell us what you do for life (both work and fun!)  
I work as a project manager at Studio William Hefner, and have been designing and managing high end houses for the last twelve years.  My wife and I raise three little boys.
How does your Traveler's Notebook fit your life?  
I carry it around all the time to help me manage my ideas, write lists, write notes, hold receipts and cards.  I have two notebooks in my TN, one for "pondering" and one for "remembering".  Most of the remembering refill notebook gets thrown away since most of contents is useless once I'm done. 
How do you customize your Traveler's Notebook so that it works for you?  

The only real customization I've done is to Laser cut with a CAD hatch pattern and a 1/8" architectural scale.  
The notebook system

One Passport Size Traveler's Notebook (black) and one Regular Size Traveler's Notebook (brown) with:
- One notebook for scribbling - this gets thrown in the trash once its full
- One notebook for pondering - this one get thrown in a box with the newer books on top. Good ideas get transferred to Moleskine notebooks.

- Stack of blank index cards
- Zipper Case for pens, clips, and business cards
- Receipts and index cards get clipped to the notebooks
- Brass Index Clip make good permanent markers for Moleskine notebooks.
What are you currently obsessed about? 
  • Vinegaroon finish
  • South2West8 
  • Bleached walnut/honed absolute black granite/brushed stainless steel.  (I am remodeling my kitchen)
  • Timelines (I'm designing a study board for my sons.) 
Can you share something that recently inspired you?
Any tips for fellow Traveler's Notebook users? 
I finish mine every other week with mink oil to keep it clean looking.  I've finished the inside with gum tragacanth to make it smoother (less knappy)

Post-its make good bookmarks for lists (Shopping, To-Do, etc.) that need to be accessed often.
To customize your Traveler's Notebook like Takuro:


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