Saturday, November 30, 2013

Making conscious decisions...

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

We decided to close our studio/shop all weekend for Thanksgiving. I have gotten surprise looks here and there when I mentioned this news but it was really a conscious decision we made to spend some quality time as a family since we will be really busy next two weeks.

We spent last few days with my parents and sisters in Orange County and now we're back in our house... looking forward to spending the last day of the weekend as four of us. Taking some time off from day-to-day operation has been really good to me. It's amazing to realize how much energy it requires to be constant on online channels... whether reading emails, posting Instagram updates or checking online shop status.

It gave us a chance to realign the path as a family and an opportunity to find focus instead of moving too fast without thinking through all the details. It's definitely fueling my energy to reopen the shop on Monday and get ready for Remodelista holiday market on next Saturday!

p.s. Coco started her solid food this weekend. She can't get enough of it... Also she learned to smile to the camera. She ALWAYS smiles to the shutter sounds now and this mama can not get enough pictures of her!


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