Thursday, November 17, 2011

baum-kuchen pop-up shop: Good Karma:)

Okay... I can't believe we are already half passed November.

We have been super busy at shop. I can feel that the holiday season is slowly getting close by the way orders are coming in.

Since we just finished our November pop-up shop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I would love to share some pics and stories from the day with you. I have to say...  compared to last month (which was a total defeat), we did amazing this past Sunday.  I am starting to figure out that "location" has a lot to do with the success at this kind of market. This time we had a little corner spot in the antique area of the flea market facing the main circulation traffic. It was so nice to be noticed and hear a lot of compliment on the booth layout as well as the selection of items.

My favorite part of the day was when I helped my customers create THE perfect Traveler's Notebook for him/her based on how they were thinking of using them. It felt like I was totally spoiling them with good care and it felt nice:)

Oh and multiple customers told me that I must be from Art Center... just the way I presented the products and organized the information. I took it as a compliment!

After 12 hours of being on my feet (including loading/unloading at the market then at home), we were exhausted... but at the same time so grateful to have had the opportunity to actually share our items in person. We are up for two back-to-back shows in December. We will be in Culver City on December 10th Remodelista Holiday Market then another pop-up shop at Rose Bowl Flear Market on 11th. It's going to be a BIG weekend for us but I am looking forward to making additional improvement based on last Sunday's experience:)

Susan, thank you so much for being my partner-in-crime at the market and taking all the great photos!!! xo


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